Class Type: Mixed
Class Speciality: Dark Magic and Maladictions
Primary Attribute: Power
Secondary Attribute: Mana
Previous Tier: Lich
Next Tier: Ghost

The wraith is a being of power, controlled by a greater spirit to do the creature's
bidding. Wraiths are creatures of shadow, floating amongst our realm with no purpose
but that of their master's. They feed on humans, their emotions and their own strength,
without these they would cease to exist. The classic depiction of a Wraith is
identical to the image of a tall, humanoid figure shrouded in a black cloak, under
which no face can be seen, though a hand protrudes.

Wraith Skills
Level Skill
1: dagger shield block sword whip
swap hide scrolls
2: fast healing sneak
3: dirt kicking
4: peek
5: rub trip
7: backstab
9: envenom
12: hand to hand
15: kick
17: parry
20: disarm untangle dual wield second attack
33: enhanced damage
36: decrepify
37: pick lock
40: drain blade
45: mist third attack
70 circle
83: fourth attack
86: offhand
89: fade
125: bloodlust
Wraith Spells
Level Spell
3: detect magic
4: detect invis ventriloquate
5: cause light
6: farsight
10: energy drain
11: cause serious detect poison
12: infravision
13: invisibility
15: gaze
16: refresh
17: detect evil detect good
18: detect hidden
21: cause critical
22: poison
24: locate object
25: weaken
27: shocking grasp
28: identify resurrect
30: faerie fire
33: fly know alignment
34: blindness
40: chill touch
42: pass door
43: charm person
44: vorpal shield
45: animate curse
51: slow summon transport
52: haste
55: dispel evil dispel neutral dispel good
55: frenzy
56: gate
59: teleport
65: plague voodoo
70: fright
77: demonfire
80: Razor Leaf
100: unholy aura
150: blizzard luminaire pestilence
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