Class Type: Mixed
Class Speciality: Dark Magic and Maladictions
Primary Attribute: Power
Secondary Attribute: Mana
Next Tier: Lich

Vampires are killers. They aren't truly alive in the sense that most
mortals are, but are rather undead, not really subject to whithering of
old age or the fading of the body that those who are truly alive find
themselves subject to. As a result Vampires are long lived, and almost
all of them eventually go insane. They are very much like thieves, but
possess very potent powers of magic.

Vampire Skills
Level Skill
1: dagger shield block sword whip
swap hide scrolls
2: fast healing sneak
3: dirt kicking
4: peek
5: rub trip
7: backstab
9: envenom
12: hand to hand
15: kick
17: parry
20: disarm untangle
25: dual wield
28: second attack
29: devour
33: enhanced damage
37: pick lock
40: drain blade
45: third attack
83: fourth attack
101 circle
150: bloodlust
Vampire Spells
Level Spell
3: detect magic
4: detect invis ventriloquate
5: cause light
6: farsight
10: energy drain
11: cause serious detect poison
12: infravision
13: invisibility
15: gaze
16: refresh
17: detect evil detect good
18: detect hidden
21: cause critical
22: poison
24: locate object
25: weaken
27: shocking grasp
28: identify resurrect
30: faerie fire
33: fly know alignment
34: blindness
40: chill touch
42: pass door
43: charm person
44: vorpal shield
45: animate curse
51: slow summon transport
52: haste
55: dispel evil dispel neutral dispel good
55: frenzy
56: gate
65: plague voodoo
77: demonfire
100: Flamethrower Razor Leaf unholy aura
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