Class Type: Melee
Class Specialty: Stealth and Backstabbing
Primary Attribute: Health
Secondary Attribute: Health
Next Tier: Mercenary

As the name suggests, a Thug is an untrustworthy character. A petty criminal
who follows the orders of a crime boss, or another ruffian who acts aggressively
towards people. Thugs can also be typical thieves, using stealth to get in and
steal items or valuables. A Thug learns all manners of dirty fighting techniques,
including backstabbing, sneaking, and all around "cheap" moves. Thugs also gain
typical thievery abilities such as steal, pick lock, and how to disable traps.

Thug Skills
Level Skill
1: dagger sword whip backstab
swap haggle hide peek
5: dirt kicking rub trip
6: sneak
7: steal
9: lore
10: pick lock
15: envenom counter
18: disarm awareness second attack
19: parry
20: untangle
21: knee kick
22: hand to hand
25: settrap pdart
30: circle
35: dual wield
45: third attack
52: gouge
57: disable
60: neckthrust
68: snare
70: dodge stun
75: fourth attack
79: fade
150: offhand
200: garotte
Thug Spells
Level Spell
20: know alignment
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