Type: relocation
Syntax: cast warp <warp #>
Cost: 120 mana

The warp spell, similar in idea to gate, portal or nexus, relies on having stored prior warp
points using the memorize command. Once a warp point has been established, they can freely
whisk themselves and their pets away to that location, should there be no barring effects
such as being cursed, or in a norecall room.

The following can use this spell at the listed levels:

Class Level
Cleric 150
Priest 140
High Priest 120
Cardinal 110
Inquisitor 100
Necromancer 90
Soul Master 80
Druid 150
Sage 140
Shaman 120
WitchDoctor 110
Elementalist 100
Dark Nymph 90
Shapeshifter 80
Mage 150
Wizard 140
Warlock 120
Enchanter 110
Fate Spinner 100
Psychic 90
Telekinetic 80

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