Type: etc.
Syntax: cast voodoo
Syntax: voodoo pin/trip/throw
Cost: 80 mana

The voodoo spell will turn a sliced-off body part into a doll. To do this, the body part
must be held before the spell is cast. Once the doll is made, the character that the doll is
modeled after has a chance of attacking the holder, unless the doll is held in a special
container. After a command on a voodoo has been used, the victim will be immune to the later
effects for one tick.

The voodoo command can used to inflict pain, trip, or throw the targeted player across, or
sometimes even out of the room they're in. Holding onto the voodoo, use the desired command.
If you wish a voodoo doll that has been made of you to be destroyed, you can travel to the
priests in charge with changing one's alignemtn and pay a hefty price to have it destroyed.

Please note, carrying a voodoo doll around in your inventory makes you a target for the
victim of the curse, with no player-killing restriction of level, tier, or clan affiliation.
Because of this, you are unable to give or transport a voodoo doll to another person; they
must make it and/or pick it up of their own free will. Should you acquire your own voodoo
doll, it will soon vanish.

The following can use this spell at the listed levels:

Class Level
Cleric 80
Priest 80
High Priest 80
Cardinal 80
Inquisitor 80
Necromancer 80
Soul Master 80
Fate Spinner 80
Psychic 80
Telekinetic 80
Vampire 65
Lich 65
Wraith 65
Ghost 65
Poltergeist 65
Spectre 65
Primogen 65

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