Type: relocation
Syntax: cast teleport
Cost: 35 mana

This spell takes the caster from their location and randomly throws them somewhere
else. There is danger associated with this spell, as if you land in a dangerous
situation and die, you're left on your own to try and gather help from other
players. The Staff cannot be held accountable for the spell sealing your doom.

The following can use this spell at the listed levels:

Class Level
Cleric 44
Priest 44
High Priest 44
Cardinal 44
Inquisitor 44
Necromancer 44
Soul Master 44
Mage 24
Wizard 24
Warlock 24
Enchanter 24
Fate Spinner 24
Psychic 24
Telekinetic 24
Ranger 59
Strider 59
Hunter 59
Tracker 59
Marksman 59
Rogue 59
Cosmos 59
Vampire 59
Lich 59
Wraith 59
Ghost 59
Poltergeist 59
Spectre 59
Primogen 59

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