Type: translocation
Syntax: cast 'summon' <target>
Cost: 50 mana

Drawing forth the magic of the land, the caster attempts to pull the
target from wherever it is they may be. Certain circumstances may prevent
this from succeeding, such as if they're disabled the ability to be
summoned, or are in a location that prevents them from being pulled away.
If they're in a fight, they can't be taken out of that forcefully by
summon, and the caster must be at the same level or higher than the target
they're trying to bring forth.

The following can use this spell at the listed levels:

Class Level
Cleric 23
Priest 23
High Priest 23
Cardinal 23
Inquisitor 23
Necromancer 23
Soul Master 23
Druid 51
Sage 51
Shaman 51
WitchDoctor 51
Elementalist 51
Dark Nymph 51
Shapeshifter 51
Mage 48
Wizard 48
Warlock 48
Enchanter 48
Fate Spinner 48
Psychic 48
Telekinetic 48
Ranger 33
Strider 33
Hunter 33
Tracker 33
Marksman 33
Rogue 33
Cosmos 33
Vampire 51
Lich 51
Wraith 51
Ghost 51
Poltergeist 51
Spectre 51
Primogen 51

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