Type: debuff
Syntax: cast slow <target>
Cost: 30 mana

Despite popular belief, slow is not exactly the opposite of haste. It is a spell
with its own unique set of effects. When cast upon a target, it slows their
movements, making it easier to hit them and reducing their own rate of attack. It
also doubles power costs and halves healing rate, due to a reduced metabolism.

The following can use this spell at the listed levels:

Class Level
Cleric 40
Priest 40
High Priest 40
Cardinal 40
Inquisitor 40
Necromancer 40
Soul Master 40
Druid 66
Sage 66
Shaman 66
WitchDoctor 66
Elementalist 66
Dark Nymph 66
Shapeshifter 66
Mage 45
Wizard 45
Warlock 45
Enchanter 45
Fate Spinner 45
Psychic 45
Telekinetic 45
Vampire 51
Lich 51
Wraith 51
Ghost 51
Poltergeist 51
Spectre 51
Primogen 51

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