Type: beneficial
Syntax: cast recharge <target item>
Cost: 60 mana

Drained wands and staves can be restored using this spell. The difficulty of recharging the
magical outlet is proportional to the number of charges that were used. Furthermore, they
can only be recharged once.

The following can use this spell at the listed levels:

Class Level
Cleric 63
Priest 63
High Priest 63
Cardinal 63
Inquisitor 63
Necromancer 63
Soul Master 63
Druid 52
Sage 52
Shaman 52
WitchDoctor 52
Elementalist 52
Dark Nymph 52
Shapeshifter 52
Mage 18
Wizard 18
Warlock 18
Enchanter 18
Fate Spinner 63
Psychic 63
Telekinetic 63

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