Ray Of Truth

Ray of Truth
Type: offensive
Syntax: cast 'ray of truth' <target>
Cost: 20 mana

A potent attack of positive energy, this spell shines down a ray from above to purify the
tainted with searing pain. It cannot harm the pure of heart, and it can and will turn back
on those who're tainted by evil and attempt to use it.

The following can use this spell at the listed levels:

Class Level
Cleric 69
Priest 69
High Priest 69
Cardinal 69
Inquisitor 69
Necromancer 69
Soul Master 69
Elementalist 96
Dark Nymph 96
Shapeshifter 96
Mage 69
Wizard 69
Warlock 69
Enchanter 69
Fate Spinner 69
Psychic 69
Telekinetic 69

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