Protection Good

Protection Good
Type: beneficial
Syntax: cast 'protection good'
Cost: 5 mana

This spell, along with Protection Evil and Protection Neutral, are a
series of alignment-based protection spells. They reduce damage taken from
attackers of the declared alignment, as well as improving the saves
against magic from them. However, you can only have one of these affecting
you at a time.

The following can use this spell at the listed levels:

Class Level
Cleric 18
Priest 18
High Priest 18
Cardinal 18
Inquisitor 18
Necromancer 18
Soul Master 18
Druid 19
Sage 19
Shaman 19
WitchDoctor 19
Elementalist 19
Dark Nymph 19
Shapeshifter 19
Fate Spinner 18
Psychic 18
Telekinetic 18
Ranger 64
Strider 64
Hunter 64
Tracker 64
Marksman 64
Rogue 64
Cosmos 64

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