Type: debuff
Syntax: cast plague <target>
Cost: 20 mana

Boils and sores begin to appear on the target should it successfully take root on them. It
takes a substantial amount of health off every tick, and has an even greater chance of
spreading to others in the same room, should they not be immune to disease.

The following can use this spell at the listed levels:

Class Level
Inquisitor 34
Necromancer 34
Soul Master 34
Druid 39
Sage 39
Shaman 39
WitchDoctor 39
Elementalist 39
Dark Nymph 39
Shapeshifter 39
Vampire 65
Lich 65
Wraith 65
Ghost 65
Poltergeist 65
Spectre 65
Primogen 65

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