Mass Invis

Mass Invis
Type: beneficial
Syntax: cast 'mass invis'
Cost: 20 mana

This spell cloaks all in the caster's group, that happens to be in the same room
at the time, under a veil of invisibility. Under the same restrictions as
invisibility, should one attempt to attack while invisible, they will become
visible. Also, invisible people can be seen through the use of the detect invisibility

The following can use this spell at the listed levels:

Class Level
Cleric 49
Priest 49
High Priest 49
Cardinal 49
Inquisitor 49
Necromancer 49
Soul Master 49
Mage 43
Wizard 43
Warlock 43
Enchanter 43
Fate Spinner 49
Psychic 49
Telekinetic 49
Ranger 55
Strider 55
Hunter 55
Tracker 55
Marksman 55
Rogue 55
Cosmos 55

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