Type: beneficial
Syntax: cast manashield
Cost: 50 mana

One of the most useful spells for a magic caster, this converts your mana into a cushion.
Using this spell in combat, damage is dampened and then sent to hit your mana instead of
your health, giving magic users a chance to last longer in a fight. The downfall to this, as
obvious, is the fact that it drains your mana faster than simply using spells. Once your
mana drops down to a certain percent, it will cease deflecting further damage until your
mana recovers.

The following can use this spell at the listed levels:

Class Level
High Priest 100
Cardinal 100
Inquisitor 100
Necromancer 100
Soul Master 100
Druid 100
Sage 100
Shaman 100
WitchDoctor 100
Elementalist 100
Dark Nymph 100
Shapeshifter 100
Mage 100
Wizard 100
Warlock 100
Enchanter 100
Fate Spinner 100
Psychic 100
Telekinetic 100

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