Holy Word

Holy Word
Type: beneficial / offensive
Syntax: cast 'holy word'
Cost: 20000 mana

This spell brings forth the divine wrath and blessing of the caster's deity. To all those of
like-alignment as the caster, it blesses them and grants them divine favor, while those of
opposite morals (which is both good and evil in terms of a neutral caster) are struck by
holy (or unholy) might and cursed.

The cost of using this spell weighs greatly on the caster. Although it initially costs
twenty-thousand mana points to cast, the outcome of the spell's use further drains the user.
The greater their health, mana, and power, the greater the cost.

The following can use this spell at the listed levels:

Class Level
Cleric 71
Priest 71
High Priest 71
Cardinal 71
Inquisitor 71
Necromancer 71
Soul Master 71

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