Floating Disc

Floating Disc
Type: beneficial
Syntax: cast 'floating disc'
Cost: 40 mana

This spell creates a levitating disc to float beside the user, should they
have an open location in their equipment for a floater. It lasts no more
than twice the caster's level in hours, and can hold up to 10 pounds per
level, a maximum of 5 pounds per item.

The following can use this spell at the listed levels:

Class Level
Cleric 19
Priest 19
High Priest 19
Cardinal 19
Inquisitor 19
Necromancer 19
Soul Master 19
Druid 15
Sage 15
Shaman 15
WitchDoctor 15
Elementalist 15
Dark Nymph 15
Shapeshifter 15
Mage 7
Wizard 7
Warlock 7
Enchanter 7
Fate Spinner 7
Psychic 7
Telekinetic 7

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