Enchant Armor

Enchant Armor
Type: beneficial
Syntax: cast 'enchant armor' <target item>
Cost: 100 mana

This spell, although it may sound useful, truly isn't. It has a chance of success to raise
the armor class of the item by one to two items, as well as increasing its level by one. The
chance of failing is greater, often costing the caster the entire item, destroying it in the

The following can use this spell at the listed levels:

Class Level
Cleric 90
Priest 90
High Priest 90
Cardinal 90
Inquisitor 90
Necromancer 90
Soul Master 90
Druid 38
Sage 38
Shaman 38
WitchDoctor 38
Elementalist 38
Dark Nymph 38
Shapeshifter 38
Mage 31
Wizard 31
Warlock 31
Enchanter 31
Fate Spinner 30
Psychic 30
Telekinetic 30

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