Dispel Good

Dispel Good
Type: offensive
Syntax: cast 'dispel good' <target>
Cost: 15 mana

An offensive spell that deals damage based on the target's alignment as well as
your own. Should you be good, it will effect you instead of the target provided
for a minimal amount of damage, regardless on if it is the same alignment. Should
neither you or the target be of the declared alignment, neither will be hurt.

The following can use this spell at the listed levels:

Class Level
Cleric 30
Priest 30
High Priest 30
Cardinal 30
Inquisitor 30
Necromancer 30
Soul Master 30
Druid 35
Sage 35
Shaman 35
WitchDoctor 35
Elementalist 35
Dark Nymph 35
Shapeshifter 35
Vampire 53
Lich 53
Wraith 53
Ghost 53
Poltergeist 53
Spectre 53
Primogen 53

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