Type: debuff
Syntax: cast curse <target>
Cost: 20 mana

When cast, this spell instills a curse on the person, affecting their accuracy when hitting
others and their recovery saves versus spells cast against them. It also prevents them from
using the recall ability, being seen as unclean in the eyes of the Gods. You can also use
this to curse an object, but with no real reason other than to give it an evil flag and to
give it a very, very small point difference in saves, it isn't really suggested or worth it.

The following can use this spell at the listed levels:

Class Level
Cardinal 35
Inquisitor 35
Necromancer 35
Soul Master 35
Druid 38
Sage 38
Shaman 38
WitchDoctor 38
Elementalist 38
Dark Nymph 38
Shapeshifter 38
Fate Spinner 35
Psychic 35
Telekinetic 35
Vampire 45
Lich 45
Wraith 45
Ghost 45
Poltergeist 45
Spectre 45
Primogen 45

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