Type: debuff
Syntax: cast cancellation <target>
Cost: 120 mana

This spell attempts to remove the properties of magic that affect the player
targeted. There is a reduced chance of succeeding. The chance of success depends
on the level of the spell that is randomly chosen to be stripped. Not all spells,
such as plague or poison, can be removed with this, and it doesn't discriminate
between the harmful and beneficial spells that can be removed from said target.

The following can use this spell at the listed levels:

Class Level
Cleric 51
Priest 51
High Priest 51
Cardinal 51
Inquisitor 51
Necromancer 51
Soul Master 51
Druid 46
Sage 46
Shaman 46
WitchDoctor 46
Elementalist 46
Dark Nymph 46
Shapeshifter 46
Mage 51
Wizard 51
Warlock 51
Enchanter 51
Fate Spinner 51
Psychic 51
Telekinetic 51

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