Type: beneficial
Syntax: cast bless <target>
Cost: 5 mana

This spell increases the target's accuracy (to-hit roll) and their saves
versus spells by 1 point for every 8 levels of the caster. You can also
use this to bless an object, but with no real reason other than to give it
the bless flag and to give it a single point in all saves, it isn't really

The following can use this spell at the listed levels:

Class Level
Cleric 13
Priest 13
High Priest 13
Cardinal 13
Inquisitor 13
Necromancer 13
Soul Master 13
Druid 16
Sage 16
Shaman 16
WitchDoctor 16
Elementalist 16
Dark Nymph 16
Shapeshifter 16
Fate Spinner 13
Psychic 13
Telekinetic 13

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