Class Type: Melee
Class Specialty: Weapons Mastery
Primary Attribute: Health
Secondary Attribute: Health
Previous Tier: Commando
Next Tier: Champion

A "specialist" is one who has, through intense and above ordinary training as well as
experience, achieved such a degree of knowledge and ability in their chosen field that
they do it better than anyone else. A Specialist here, therefore, is such a master of
melee combat that s/he shines above the rest. Honed through countless hours of training
and combat they have risen to such a height of physical prowess that they are, truly,
machines of war.

Specialist Skills
Level Skill
1: axe dagger flail mace
polearm shield block sword whip
bash swap enhanced damage parry
rescue scrolls
3: dual wield
4: dirt kicking
5: rub
7: second attack
9: lore hand to hand fast healing
10: counter
12: kick
15: stance berserker battle guardian
18: disarm third attack
19: dodge
20: untangle
25: grip
27: berserk
30: charge critical strike
32: warcry
37: btrap
40: sharpen
45: stun
50: fourth attack
55: doorbash
60: spirit
65: fitth attack whirlwind
70: intimidate
75: sap
82: sixth attack
86: offhand
115: skill_neckthrust
Specialist Spells
Level Spell
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