Soul Master

Class Type: Magic
Class Specialty: Protective and Healing magic
Primary Attribute: Power
Secondary Attribute: Mana
Previous Tier: Necromancer
Special Ability: Feedback

The Soul Master is a living conduit of positive energy. He is able to forge a blade of
semisolid psychic energy and infuse it with the essence of the Positive Energy Plane to
deal lethal strikes to his opponents. As a Soul Master practices this unique talent, he
learns to fill up his being with the power of the Positive Energy Plane.

Using their mastery over the spirits of the living, a Soul Master can touch deep into
a person's soul using Feedback, which sends a mental surge through their body. It
leaves the target with a chill that runs up their spine and lingers.

Soul Master Skills
Level Skill
1: dagger flail mace laser
grimoire fetish scythe scrolls
staves wands
2: scribe whittle engrave brew
5: quickcast rub
8: dual wield
9: meditation
11: stake stun
13: fast healing
20: untangle
36: second attack
40: counter
50: phase
53: hobble
86: offhand
140: thaumaturgy
Soul Master Spells
Level Spell
2: armor cause light
4: cure light
5: create water faerie fire
8: continual light farsight
9: refresh
10: create food soul blade
11: cure blindness detect magic
13: bless
14: cure serious detect poison
15: blindness
16: detect invis
17: know alignment
18: protection evil protection good protection neutral
19: floating disc
21: create rose
22: detect evil detect good detect hidden
23: cause serious summon
24: temper poison
25: cure critical
26: cure disease infravision
27: gheal
28: cure poison fling weaken
30: dispel evil dispel neutral dispel good
fireproof iceshield locate object
32: calm heal identify
33: frenzy
34: create spring gate plague
35: curse remove curse
36: fly
37: invisibility
39: sanctuary
40: animate flamestrike shockshield
41: faerie fog
42: giant strength
44: energy drain teleport
45: cause critical
46: harm lightning bolt transport
48: dispel magic
49: mass invis
50: detect trap selenas touch Thundershock
51: cancellation
52: holy aura
53: time warp
54: haste
55: channel
56: word of recall
59: portal
60: fireshield
62: deflection
63: pass door recharge
65: silence
68: demonfire
69: nexus ray of truth
70: shield stone skin
71: holy word
75: mass healing
80: warp voodoo
85: vox
89: fireball
90: enchant armor enchant weapon
95: healing touch
100: replicate soulbind manashield
110: blizzard luminaire mana spring
120: desecrate consecrate cyclone
125: daylight
160: manadrain
180: kamikaze
190: word of healing
200: anemia
215: selenas grace
240: soul leech
245: soul fire
250: feedback
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