Type: passive
Syntax: zap <target>
Cost: none

Having this skill allows you to zap a target with a charged wand that
is being held. If there is no target established, but you are in a battle,
the opponent will immediately be chosen. A wand has a limited amount
of charges within it, and once it is spent, it will break and disappear.

The following can use this skill at the listed levels:

Class Level
Cleric 1
Priest 1
High Priest 1
Cardinal 1
Inquisitor 1
Necromancer 1
Soul Master 1
Druid 1
Sage 1
Shaman 1
Witchdoctor 1
Elementalist 1
Dark Nymph 1
Shapeshifter 1
Mage 1
Wizard 1
Warlock 1
Enchanter 1
Fate Spinner 1
Psychic 1
Telekinetic 1

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