Type: active
Syntax: quickcast memorize <offensive spell>
Syntax: quickcast list
Syntax: quickcast clear
Syntax: quickcast (target)
Cost: varies

An opening ability for magic users, this takes the memorized spells and
unleashes their magical potential in a combination attack. There is no lag
associated with the unleash of all spells at once, but a three-round cooldown
accompanies its use.

Depending on the tier, a magic user may have anywhere from two to four
different memory slots for this ability. Here is the run-down of which tiers
gets which amount of slots:

Tiers 1 through 3 gain two slots.
Tiers 4 through 6 gain three slots.
Tier 7 is allowed four slots.

To put a spell into quickcast's line-up, use quickcast memorize as listed above.
This will socket the spell into the use of the ability. To check what all is already
within the ability, type quickcast list, or if you wish to clear it from there, simply
type quickcast clear. Finally, should you wish to use it as an opener, type quickcast
<target>. Remember, it is only an opening move, and cannot be used during

The following can use this skill at the listed levels:

Class Level
Cleric 5
Priest 5
High Priest 5
Cardinal 5
Inquisitor 5
Necromancer 5
Soul Master 5
Druid 5
Sage 5
Shaman 5
Witchdoctor 5
Elementalist 5
Dark Nymph 5
Shapeshifter 5
Mage 5
Wizard 5
Warlock 5
Enchanter 5
Fate Spinner 5
Psychic 5
Telekinetic 5

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