Type: active
Syntax: brew <spell name> <level>
Cost: varies

This skill allows you to create a potent potion, given you have the necessary
ingredients. The required items are a Mortar and Pestle and an Incomplete Potion,
both purchasable from Tatorious from High Tower of Sorcery. The mana cost varies to brew,
but it does require some quest points to be spent to buy both the mortar and pestle
as well as the potion.

Magic users have the ability to brew up a potion that is charged with their own
spells. Up to three different spells can be put into the potion, but after the first spell
has been put in, any spell after will increase the chance of failure. The level range
is from when you first learn the spell to your current level. By default, the level will
be set to your level if you refuse to fill the field in.

The following can use this skill at the listed levels:

Class Level
Cleric 2
Priest 2
High Priest 2
Cardinal 2
Inquisitor 2
Necromancer 2
Soul Master 2
Druid 2
Sage 2
Shaman 2
Witchdoctor 2
Elementalist 2
Dark Nymph 2
Shapeshifter 2
Mage 1
Wizard 1
Warlock 1
Enchanter 1
Fate Spinner 1
Psychic 1
Telekinetic 1

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