Class Type: Melee
Class Specialty: Hand-to-hand and Stunning
Primary Attribute: Health
Secondary Attribute: Health
Previous Tier: ZWarrior
Next Tier: Master Sensei

Sensei is the term used for someone of a higher stature than one self, but in the case
of those who ARE that stature, they simply live as Sensei. They spend their days
meditating, excersizing, or training their bodies and minds, honing their abilities. All
Monks view the body as the vessel from which physical and mental perfection are reached,
and honing them both is extremely important. With such physical prowess at their
disposal, a Sensei, while slow to anger, is quick to dispatch his opponents with severe
hand to hand combat that will leave their enemies dazed, if they can be left anything at

Sensei Skills
Level Skill
1: flail sword swap grapple
hide peek scrolls staves
5: dirt kicking rub trip counter
6: sneak
9: lore
10: enhanced damage
11: knee
15: forms kenpo taekwondo jujutsu
aikido kenjutsu
18: disarm awareness second attack
19: parry
20: untangle
21: elbow kick
25: settrap pdart
30: whirlwind
35: dual wield
40: flurry dropkick
45: third attack
50: stun
52: gouge
55: evade
57: disable
68: snare
70: dodge feign death
75: spire fourth attack
79: fade
90: spirit
100: fifth attack
135: donkey punch
140: sixth attack
150: offhand neckthrust
195: chakra fist
200: shoryuken
225: judo
250: dtouch
Sensei Spells
Level Spell
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