REROLL is the process of wiping most of what your character has in an attempt to grow and further advance one's abilities. The players of Anime Planet use this command when they achieve the required level to go from one tier to another.

To reroll from 1st Tier to 2nd, you need to be at Level 200 or higher.
To reroll from 2nd Tier to 3rd, you need to be at Level 225 or higher.

When you reroll, you lose any of the items that were still on you, your PK record, clan status, level, proficiency with skills and spells, all aliases, pretitle, any evolution status, the IMMtitle you may have, the hours you had spent on the character, any recorded monster kills, arena record, and your accumulated diety points. These will not come back on their own, so the best thing to do is prepare. Having someone hold on to the items you wish to use later would be wise. Everything else you can reclaim through achieving them once again, or setting them up.

Your quest points and currency, as well as your name, are the only things that will remain through the transition process. Furthermore, should you be interested in the Jedi or Shinigami classes, starting at the first tier is the best choice, as you cannot jump into these classes at a later time; they have to be progressed through, from the very beginning in 1st Tier. These are currently the only classes that require an early start.

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