White Dragon

The scales of a wyrmling white dragon glisten like mirrors. As the dragon
ages, the sheen disappears, and by very old age, scales of pale blue and
light gray are mixed in with the white. White dragons prefer sudden
assaults, swooping down from aloft or bursting from beneath water, snow, or
ice. White dragons, the smallest and weakest of the evil dragons, are slow
witted but efficient hunters. They are impulsive, vicious, and animalistic,
tending to consider only the needs and emotions of the moment and having no
foresight or regret. Despite their low intelligence, they are as greedy and
evil as the other Chromatic dragons. Living beneath the ice gives them one
distinct advantage over some of the larger dragons: they can breathe

~ White Dragon's chain of evolution ~
Hatchling -> White Dragon -> Chromatic Wyrm -> Prismatic Wyrm

To evolve into a Chromatic Wyrm, a White Dragon must fulfill these requirements:
[ ] Must be leveling between level 200 and 275.
[ ] Must have no evil-alignment kills.
[ ] Must have 10,000 good-alignment kills.
[ ] Must have no neutral-alignment kills.
There is a 1% chance of an evolution occuring when these requirements are met.

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