Red Dragon

The small scales of a wyrmling red dragon are a bright glossy scarlet,
making the dragon easily spotted by predators and hunters, so it stays
underground and does not venture outside until it is more able to take care
of itself. Toward the end of young age, the scales turn a deeper red, and
the glossy texture is replaced by a smooth, dull finish. As the red dragon
grows older, the scales become large, thick, and as strong as metal. The
neck frill and wings are an ash blue or purple-grey toward the edges,
becoming darker with age. The pupils of a red dragon fade as it ages; the
oldest red dragons have eyes that resemble molten lava orbs. Because red
dragons are so confident, they seldom pause to appraise an adversary. On
spotting a target, they make a snap decision whether to attack, using one of
many strategies worked out ahead of time. A red dragon lands to attack
small, weak creatures with its claws and bite rather than obliterating them
with its breath weapon, so as not to destroy any treasure they might be

~ Red Dragon's chain of evolution ~
Hatchling -> Red Dragon -> Chromatic Wyrm -> Prismatic Wyrm

To evolve into a Chromatic Wyrm, a Red Dragon must fulfill these requirements:
[ ] Must be leveling between level 200 and 275.
[ ] Must have no evil-alignment kills.
[ ] Must have 10,000 good-alignment kills.
[ ] Must have no neutral-alignment kills.
There is a 1% chance of an evolution occuring when these requirements are met.

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