A Pretender is a 33S Boomer, who has managed to obtain the original plans
for their model type. As such, they retain the orignal Sexaroid traits
(pheromonal control, entrancing gaze, and in-built uplink ability), yet
gain one important difference - the ability to repair themselves, without
an outside source of blood. (Logically, they've gained a greater fusion
between their mechanical, nano-technological aspects, and their synthesized
organic parts.) As such, there is a commensurate increase - as well - in
their physical abilities, placing them roughly equivalent to a standard
33-C Boomer. The only differences, would then be the following: as opposed
to a C-class, or a BU-12B, the Pretender's attack style favours grace,
precision, and inhumanly augmented reflexes - thus turning a former sextoy
into a stealthy, human-seeming killer.

~ Pretender's chain of evolution ~
Boomer -> Sexaroid -> Pretender

*This evolution is exclusive to those at fourth tier or higher.*

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