Mamoru Kusanagi was implanted with seven mitama when he was young and
was given the task to watch over the Kushinada to ensure that no harm
would come to her… until they were ready. Mutated as he is by the
seven mitama on his body, green blood flows in Kusanagi's veins, and he
has the ability to transform his body to a degree. He can make blades
sprout from his arms, and he has incredible physical ability,
including his penchant for long and high jumps.
The name "Mamoru" means protector.

The Mamoru race shares similar qualities to the character. Gaining powers
from the Mitama, a being is able to replicate the abilities that Mamoru was
able to demonstrated from the "Blue Seed" animation.

~ Mamoru's chain of evolution ~
Mitama -> Mamoru

*This race is flagged for entry into 4th Tier.*
*Refer to mutate for more details.*

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