Hyper Namek

This is the level of power a Namek can obtain by absorbing the power of
another, weaker Namek. Once this process is complete, subtle features will
have changed of the more powerful Namek. Not really having a true name or
identity, others just call them Hyper Nameks.

~ Hyper Namek's chain of evolution ~
Namek -> Hyper Namek -> Super Namek

To evolve into Super Namek, a Hyper Namek must fulfill these requirements:
[ ] Must be leveling between level 200 and 250.
[ ] Must have less than 25 evil-alignment kills.
[ ] Must have less than 25 good-alignment kills.
[ ] Must have 4,000 neutral-alignment kills.
There is a 3% chance of an evolution occurring when the requirements are met.

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