Emerald Dragon

Emerald dragons are inquisitive, particularly about local history and
customs. Often, an emerald dragon's knowledge of an area surpasses that of
the best sage, though the dragon's inborn paranoia makes it difficult for
others to gain that knowledge. Emerald dragons have translucent green
scales at birth. As they age, the scales harden and take on every shade of
green, scintillating in even the dimmest light. Their pupils fade as they
age, until, in the oldest, their eyes resemble glowing green orbs. Emerald
dragons like to be near areas that are at lease partly settled by a
civilization (of any type), but not so near that their presence is generally
known. If possible, they make their lairs in the cones of extinct (or
seldom active) volcanoes. Emerald dragons nurture their wyrmlings; thus,
any given lair of a young adult or older is likely to have at least one
wyrmling as well.

~ Emerald Dragon's chain of evolution ~
Hatchling -> Emerald Dragon -> Gem Wyrm -> Prismatic Wyrm

To evolve into a Gem Wyrm, an Emerald Dragon must fulfill these requirements:
[ ] Must be leveling between level 200 and 275.
[ ] Must have 10,000 evil-alignment kills.
[ ] Must have no good-alignment kills.
[ ] Must have no neutral-alignment kills.
There is a 1% chance of an evolution occuring when these requirements are met.

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