Demonic Being (Demon)

Demonic Beings, otherwise known as Demons, are evil malevolent creatures that
reside on the planes of Hell. They love to wreck havoc and mayhem wherever
they may roam. No one knows how they came to be, but everyone knows the
legend of how to become one. A Human seems to be the only race that can
become a Demon. They achieve this through evil acts and rituals of darkness.

~ Demonic Being's chain of evolution ~
Human -> Demonic Being -> Hellspawn

To evolve into Hellspawn, a Demonic Being must fulfill these requirements:
[ ] Must be leveling between level 225 and 275.
[ ] Must have less than 10 evil-alignment kills.
[ ] Must have 7,000 good-alignment kills.
There is a 2% chance of an evolution occurring when the requirements are met.

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