Copper Dragon

At birth, a copper dragon's scales have a ruddy brown color with a metallic
tint. As the dragon gets older, the scales become finer and more coppery,
assuming a soft, warm gloss by young adult age. Very old dragons' scales
pick up a green tint. A copper dragon's pupils fade with age, and the eyes
of great wyrms resemble glowing turquoise orbs. A copper dragon appreciates
wit and usually doesn't harm creatures that can relate a joke, humorous
story, or riddle the dragon has not heard before. It quickly gets annoyed
with anyone who doesn't laugh at its jokes or accept its tricks with good
humor. It likes to taunt and annoy opponents into giving up or acting
foolishly. An angry copper dragon prefers to mire foes, transmuting rock
to mud. The dragon pushes trapped opponents into the mud or snatches and
carries them aloft. A copper dragon tries to draw airborne enemies into
narrow, stony gorges where it can use its high agility and maneuver them
into colliding with the walls.

~ Copper Dragon's chain of evolution ~
Hatchling -> Copper Dragon -> Metallic Wyrm -> Prismatic Wyrm

To evolve into a Metallic Wyrm, a Copper Dragon must fulfill these requirements:
[ ] Must be leveling between level 200 and 275.
[ ] Must have no evil-alignment kills.
[ ] Must have 10,000 good-alignment kills.
[ ] Must have no neutral-alignment kills.
There is a 1% chance of an evolution occuring when these requirements are met.

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