Angemon is the Champion form of Patamon. He is a six-winged angel dressed
in white and blue clothing. Like many other humanoid-like Digimon, such
as Angewomon and Kazemon, his eyes are covered by his helmet and are
never seen, giving him the appearance of a blind prophet. With a very
strong sense of justice, pride and honor, when faced with lots of evil
enemies, it grows even stronger!

~ Angemon's chain of evolution ~
Patamon -> Angemon -> MagnaAngemon -> Seraphimon -> Azulongmon

To evolve into MagnaAngemon, an Angemon must fulfill these requirements:
[ ] Must be leveling within an open level range starting at level 105.
[ ] Must have 3,000 evil-alignment kills.
[ ] Must have less than 20 good-alignment kills.
There is a 10% chance of an evolution occurring when the requirements are met.

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