A.D. Police Headquarters

A.D. Police Headquarters
Built by: Gregg

The headquarters of the police that patrol Tokyo during its rebuilding phase,
they are slightly weary of the vigilante group known as the Knight Sabers and
their often extreme way of dealing with Rogue Boomers. However, they cannot
overlook the necessity for quick removal of the threats that seem to spawn
frequently in the mechanical beings created by Genom.

A.D. Police Headquarters

Mega-City One

-Neutral Alignment-
An A.D. Office Worker
An A.D. Police Boomer
An A.D. Police Officer
An A.D. Police Rookie
An A.D. Police Secratary

-Evil Alignment-
A Rogue Boomer

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~Quest Notice~
There are no quests that begin in this area.

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