Padawan Learner

Class Type: Melee
Class Specialty: The Force (spell-like skills)
Primary Attribute: Power
Secondary Attribute: Health
Previous Tier: Padawan
Next Tier: Apprentice

As a Padawan grows in the way of the Force, he is eventually taken under the tutelage
of a Jedi Master. As their Padawan Learner, they learn the specific ways of the Force
from their master and begin to develop their own ways of using the Force. To reach the
level of Padawan Learner, you must have been a Padawan on tier 1, and rerolled. You must
be a Padawan Learner to continue down the path of Jedi, otherwise you will never be able
to become a Jedi.

Padawan Learner Skills
Level Skill
1: axe dagger flail mace
polearm laser lightsaber sword
whip swap scrolls
5: enhanced damage
10: parry staves
15: dual wield rub second attack
20: lore hand to hand
25: feint forms shiicho makashi
soresu fast healing
30: impale
35: high kick meditation
40: trip
45: disarm counter
50: dodge third attack
55: grip diffuse
60: assault stun
75: leg sweep
80: sidekick fourth attack
100: offhand
Padawan Learner Spells
Level Spell
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