MUTATE is the command that third tier characters may be interested in. When they have reached level 250 and have an evolution attained that can mutate, the option becomes available to dive into 4th tier. This opens up quite a few more possibilities, some of them being new races unlocked, and others being new challenges to face as the level cap increases from 250 to 325.

The same restriction applies for MUTATE as it did for reroll. Please refer to the REROLL page for all of the things you end up losing, and what carries over. Of course, the command you use is MUTATE, not REROLL. There is also a bit of a deal worked out with the Immortals, if you have the patience for one to be visible and free while you're on. If you wish to attempt 4th tier as the class and base race you were, the Immortal can transfer over the amount of kills you needed for your current evolution back on to you when you're through with the mutation process.

Along with many other races allowing you to reach their final evolution, you also have the inclusion of Hit Quests, Class Evolution, and Enhancing to tend to. Hit Quests, which are offered by Eli the Knife, test your knowledge of the realm by having you do some dirty work. This is similar to Sailor Pluto's "Pluto Quest", where you end up stemming a vicious rumor about her, but the only reward you claim from a Hit Quest is an Esteem Point.

Class Evolution starts from level 250 and onwards towards 325. To activate this, you must have 5,000 quest points on your character (for the initial evolution), 100 additional quest points for every level you may not get it (it takes 100 quest points per level if you don't get it), and an evolution patch. There are currently two evolution patches, and they are:

Sith Holocron, which must be found on a Chase from Chaser. A Jedi must wear this in order to attempt for the 5th Tier "Sith" class.
Ritz's Patch of excitement, which can be found on a Chase from Chaser. All other classes not mentioned above need to wear this.

Along with the quest points and evolution patch, the player must also acquire and ingest two Ritz Bits, awarding them two Ritz Points for doing so. All of these put together quickly open up the possibility of a class evolution each level from 250 to 325.

The final option available for those within the mutate run is Enhancing. When a player finishes off their class evolution, they can achieve an even greater power by spending earned or bought Esteem Points and typing ENHANCE. There is a 1% chance that you will break through and become 6th tier. That's all there is to enhancing: time and often times, currency to buy more from others. Of course, those Esteem Points can also go towards the Hitman Equipment that is also purchaseable from Eli the Knife. With so many options to choose from, just make sure you don't drown in what is yet to come.

The following races are needed to mutate into 4th tier:

Alpha Mutant Mamoru
Android Metallic Wyrm
Apocalymon Moon Elf
Autobot Leader Moon Rabbit
Atomie Myobu
Azulongmon Omnimon
Cetra Oni
Chobit Prinny King
Chromatic Wyrm Reiko
Decepticon Emperor Rogue Boomer
Eclipse Rabbi Seraphimon
Enchanted Neko Sexaroid
Feral Neko Succubus
Flind Sun Rabbit
Gem Wyrm Super Namek
Half-Demon Tortured Being
Hellspawn Toy Mog
High Elf Winged Gremlin
Magnadramon Youkai

Meanwhile, the following list shows you which of the races above still have more to go while in 4th tier.

Alpha Mutant Half-Demon
Android High Elf
Autobot Leader Magnadramon
Atomie Metallic Wyrm
Chobit Moon Elf
Chromatic Wyrm Oni
Decepticon Emperor Prinny King
Enchanted Nek Rogue Boomer
ESS Sexaroid
Feral Neko SSj4
Flind Tortured Being
Gem Wyrm Toy Mog

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