Bestiary: Mahn-Tor

~ Bestiary ~
Area of: Mahn-Tor

The following is a list of all accessible NPCs found within the area.
Provided information will include: what they drop, what their purpose is (if needed), how they're brought out (special cases) and known immunities.

~ Drop Listing ~

NPC Item #1 Item #2 Item #3 Item #4 Item #5 Item #6 Item #7
Amyrok a pair of wire rimmed spectacles a banded ring a minor globe of invulnerability a gnarled magius staff a girdle of many pouches - -
Belrak a carved wooden ring the horn of life the belt of life a blood red stone a huge crossbow a small leather pack -
Darkoth a pitch black cloak a black plate neckguard a pair of spiked gauntlets the shadow shield a shortsword named "Nightbringer" - -
the Death Knight of the Frozen Plains a suit of etheral plate an ethereal helm an ethereal blade - - - -
Dorgar a small leather pack a black leather hood a pair of black leather sleeves a pair of black leather pants a wicked shortsword - -
the Elite Minotaur Guard a crimson steel helm a crimson steel visor a pair of crimson steel greaves a pair of crimson steel vambraces a steel breast plate a huge morningstar a runed key
Gorak a pair of minotaur combat gloves a suit of spiked garde armor a pair of black minotaur greaves a pair of black minotaur vambraces the rod of weaponry - -
the High Minotaur Guard a blue steel helm a blue steel visor a pair of blue steel greaves a pair of blue steel vambraces a steel breast plate a two-handed sword -
Mahn-Tor a major globe of invulnerability a suit of black minotaur chainmail a spiked buckler a studded ring a horned minotaur helm Mahn-Tor's Great Axe -
the Minotaur Citizen a kopesh sword - - - - - -
the Minotaur Gatekeeper the keep key - - - - - -
Minotaur Guard a Minotaur's War Axe the Mark of Mahn-Tor - - - - -
a Minotaur Guard a pair of steel vambraces a pair of steel greaves a battle axe - - - -
the Minotaur Ring-Keeper some huge spiked brass knuckles a huge wooden maul a multi-colored key ring - - - -
the Minotaur Warrior a steel breast plate a steel helm a huge halberd - - - -
Nasturn a thick marble ring a thick marble bracelet boots of striding an icy white cloak an ice staff - -
Ogre Chieftan gauntlets of ogre power a massive club - - - - -
Ogre Shaman a pair of feathered earrings a bearskin cloak - - - - -
the Plains Barbarian a thick fur cape a fur lined tunic a pair of fur lined boots - - - -
the Royal Minotaur Guard a red steel helm a red steel visor a minotaur glaive a pair of red steel greaves a pair of red steel vambraces a steel breast plate a minotaur glaive
Sumaron a heavy woolen robe a brooch of life a manual of healing arts a huge mithril mace a golden holy symbol - -
the Swamp Wraith a misty potion - - - - - -
Tyrgoth a golden helm a golden visor a gilded gold breast plate a billowing white cape a huge tower shield a huge mace named "DawnBringer" -
the Weeping Willow a willow branch - - - - - -
the White Yeti the white pelt of a yeti. - - - - - -
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