Class Type: Melee
Class Specialty: Stealth and Backstabbing
Primary Attribute: Health
Secondary Attribute: Health
Previous Tier: Thug
Next Tier: Assassin

Mercenaries are soldiers of fortune, having no true loyalties to any one person or
group of people, going where they can make the most profit. A Mercenary is willing
to get the job done no matter what, often making decisions that some could consider
morally wrong in order to get their payment.

Mercenary Skills
Level Skill
1: dagger sword whip backstab
swap haggle hide peek
5: dirt kicking rub trip
6: sneak
7: steal
9: lore
10: pick lock counter
11: knee
15: envenom
18: disarm awareness second attack
19: parry
20: untangle
21: kick
22: hand to hand
25: settrap pdart
30: circle
35: dual wield
45: third attack
52: gouge
53: stun
55: evade
57: disable
60: neckthrust
63: blackjack
68: snare
70: dodge
75: fourth attack
79: fade
150: offhand
180: garotte
210: assassinate
Mercenary Spells
Level Spell
20: know alignment
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