Class Type: Mixed
Class Speciality: Dark Magic and Maladictions
Primary Attribute: Power
Secondary Attribute: Mana
Previous Tier: Vampire
Next Tier: Wraith

A Lich is an undead warrior who never truly made it to their grave. Unlike the more
popular concept of the undead, the zombie, a Lich has a great many powers to fall
back on should their ghastly appearance not frighten their prey enough to render
them helpless. Also unlike zombies, a Lich retains all their previous memories and
personality from their former life. Among the powers a Lich has is the ability
to consume souls, control of a weak-willed lesser being into servitude, the ability
to raise zombies and create meat-shields, and the ability to control various elemental
magic. A Lich can learn stealth, and can attack the opponent from behind, gaining a
surprise attack and causing massive damage with their great strength.

Lich Skills
Level Skill
1: dagger shield block sword whip
swap hide scrolls
2: fast healing sneak
3: dirt kicking
4: peek
5: rub trip
7: backstab
9: envenom
12: hand to hand
15: kick
17: parry
20: disarm untangle second attack
24: dual wield
33: enhanced damage
37: pick lock
40: drain blade consume
45: mist third attack
83: fourth attack
89: fade
90 circle
150: bloodlust
Lich Spells
Level Spell
3: detect magic
4: detect invis ventriloquate
5: cause light
6: farsight
10: energy drain
11: cause serious detect poison
12: infravision
13: invisibility
15: gaze
16: refresh
17: detect evil detect good
18: detect hidden
21: cause critical
22: poison
24: locate object
25: weaken
27: shocking grasp
28: identify resurrect
30: faerie fire
33: fly know alignment
34: blindness
40: chill touch
42: pass door
43: charm person
44: vorpal shield
45: animate curse
51: slow summon transport
52: haste
55: dispel evil dispel neutral dispel good
55: frenzy
56: gate
59: teleport
65: plague voodoo
70: fright
77: demonfire
80: Flamethrower Razor Leaf
100: unholy aura
150: blizzard
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