Jedi Knight

Class Type: Melee
Class Specialty: The Force (spell-like skills)
Primary Attribute: Power
Secondary Attribute: Health
Previous Tier: Jedi
Next Tier: Jedi Master

A Jedi becomes a Jedi Knight once he or she has passed the Jedi Trials. In
theory, it could take a Jedi many years of training under another Jedi Knight
or a Jedi Master to achieve this rank. Knights are the backbone to the Jedi
Order, being the majority. Jedi who hold this rank are assigned most of the
standard Jedi missions. Because most of the Jedi are of the rank of Knights,
the Jedi Order as a whole are often called Jedi Knights. It should be noted
as well that many Knights are addressed as "Master," at least by their own
Once a Jedi has passed the Jedi Trials, he or she is knighted by the Jedi
Council and commissioned as an active member of the Jedi Order, free to
participate in intergalactic peace-keeping, judicial, and diplomatic affairs.

Jedi Knight Skills
Level Skill
1: axe dagger flail mace
polearm laser lightsaber sword
whip swap scrolls
5: enhanced damage
10: forms shiicho makashi soresu
ataru niman parry staves
15: dual wield rub second attack
20: levitate lore hand to hand
25: feint fast healing
30: impale
35: high kick meditation
40: trip
45: disarm counter
50: dodge third attack
55: grip diffuse
60: assault stun
70: hurl
75: leg sweep
80: sidekick fourth attack
90: bandage thaumaturgy
100: offhand
120: crush push
140: bisect
145: roundhouse
170: fwave
200: dimension door
Jedi Knight Spells
Level Spell
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