Jedi Council Member

Class Type: Melee
Class Specialty: The Force (spell-like skills)
Primary Attribute: Power
Secondary Attribute: Health
Previous Tier: Jedi Master
Special Ability: None… yet.

As with any organized group of people, the Jedi have a ruling body. The Jedi Council
runs, operates, and organizes all aspects of the entire Jedi Order. They recieve all
requests for Jedi aid and dictate which are to be taken on by Jedi, and from there
direct which Jedi are to take the assignments, based on the needs of that particular
assignmet and which Jedi they know possess the skills necessary. Some Jedi excel in
the ways of the Force, while others are exceptional Lightsaber swordsmen. The Council
knows all of this, and more, and dedicate their resources where appropriate. The most
powerful Jedi are not automatically appointed the Council. Some of the most powerful
Jedi Knights and Masters remain just that. It takes something more to become a Council
Member. An innate knowledge of the Living Force, as well as the foresight and wisdom to
make large, galaxy altering decisions? Or perhaps some special ability none others posses?
Whatever it is, it's something only the Council itself is aware of, and their numbers,
while smaller than the rest of the ranks of the Jedi, are the most formidable at what
they do.

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