Hueco Mundo

Hueco Mundo
Built by: Karona

Hueco Mundo; the home of the Hollows. This perpetually night-covered
desert serves to dissuade the living from proceeding further towards Las
Noches, the stronghold of the Arrancar. The silver sands under the reversed
moon, the dangerous wildlife, and Aizen's Guardian of the White Sands all
serve as a trial to overcome, if one desires to enter the fabled court of
the former Captain.

Hueco Mundo serves as an upgrade in kills from Menos Forest, and is actually
connected to it. Be careful, for although they share slightly similar
characteristics to those found from monsters in the Fantasy Zoo, the
Adjuchas aren't to be trifled with easily.

Hueco Mundo

Menos Forest

-Evil Alignment-
a siren Adjuchas
a manta ray Adjuchas
a crow Adjuchas
Runuganga, Guardian of the White Sands

Notes: There is nothing of interest or particular concern.

~Item Compendium~
No items can be found within this area.

~Local Shop Intel~
There are no shops available for browsing.

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