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The twilight-baked dunes of Hueco Mundo shall be made accessible soon. This place is an upgrade in difficulty from Menos Forest, and the two share a link with one another too. Noted characters within the area are Nell, Dondochaka, Pesche, Bawabawa, and Runuganga, the later being attackable while the other three serve as comic relief, for now. There are three Adjuchas-type Hollows to be found plentifully within the area, while an access point for the later areas has been placed out of the way. Hope you don't get lost within the desert!

Hueco Mundo by ktkaronaktkarona, 22 Mar 2010 23:35

Whenever Jumabi comes in on the main port, this area will have a few changes. More details will be made clear once the time comes.

Re: Prisonspace - Tundraal by ktkaronaktkarona, 20 Mar 2010 07:03

Located on the eastern edge of the Lauas region, the island of Jumabi is rich in history and festivities. From its tropical weather to the ancient ruins, there is something for everyone, whether they be adventurer or tourist.

The resort of Sola Tempo, once a simple fishing village on the edge of the island, is a tourist hot-spot. The beach has been treated to relax the weary travelers, while the four-tier shopping center is a new addition, hoping to loosen the heavy purse strings on the richest tourist. Fancy a drink? Then head on up to the rooftop of the center, where a curious little machine can dispense a can of chilled refreshment for the cost of 25 silver. Or, maybe you wish to take part in the Iunxi Sol festivities. All you have to do is head on down to the festival grounds, located on the far eastern side of the town, and see what all needs to be done. Or maybe you're the kind of person interested in the rich history of the island. Bastian of the Great Museum would be willing to help you with your history itch, if you can prove to him you're worthy enough to join the Great Museum's "Honorary Museum Assistant" program. Fancy a shot at the stars? Then climb up the path north of the festival grounds and enter the Skydeck Observatory. The stars have never been so close to those locked on land.

Outside of Sola Tempo, the wild, harsh environment of the island really comes to life. The untamed jungle lies between the resort and three other locations of interest on the island. To the north of the jungle, a ruined temple continues to hold up against time's weathering effects. To the south of the jungle, the pristine waters of the Tidal Bay, where many fish can be found that are apparent nowhere else. To the east of the jungle, the damp underground tunnels of the Tidal Caverns serve as the hiding place of many other creatures. No matter what it is you're looking for, Jumabi is certain to have something to interest you!

Expect to see Jumabi be released soon-ish.

Isle of Jumabi by ktkaronaktkarona, 20 Mar 2010 07:01

Expect it in the distant future, but after Shinigami have been worked out a bit, I do plan on releasing some Rose Equipment for Shinigami. Of course, as stated before, this will be quite some time from now.

I'm still in the process of finishing a series of areas, but in between waiting for a certain feature, I am taking this time to retool the quiz design on the Ragtime Mouse. Presently, there are two mice that run around the place, but the questions asked aren't as difficult, or as random as I'd prefer them to be. Therefore, I am increasing their repertoire of questions, and with this upgrade, over 100 questions will now be available for it to ask. I'm not entirely certain of the random chance of bringing up the later questions, but this way, even if you were to get the same question set previously, now you won't. It's guaranteed to give you different questions, or it will be. A lot of testing will have to go in to it, but with this, it will also give me a chance to further expand the rewards you can obtain from Albas.

Therefore, I am making this both as a notification, and as a place where you can ask for or suggest ideas for what else can be rewarded.

Ragtime Mouse 2.0! by ktkaronaktkarona, 12 Mar 2010 02:03

The pirate ship, Persephone, and the trading ship, Elizabeth III, have been sighted out on open waters. The captains, Captain Gwen Larouge of the Persephone and Captain Mark Sampson of the Elizabeth III, seem to eye the other ship with a bit of worry in their minds and their hearts. Could the man that Gwen has been searching for all this time be aboard? Are the pirates after the mysterious relic stored deep in the cargo hold of the Elizabeth III? There is a bitter love story to be had as these ships are entwined, both in connectivity, and in the past of their captains.

These two ships take over the original Pirate Ship that was docked outside New Thalos. Yes, it does mess up the directions for Ancient Egypt and Crystal Tokyo. The Persephone is loaded with evil creatures, and the Elizabeth III is loaded with the opposite. The two global quests offered on both ships help to share the history the two have.

A dimensional fold created by the Goddess, Gaea, to seal her immortal enemy, Boreas. More information on how this place came to be can be found in locating and reading [Titan of the Unforgiving Tundra], being sold by the curio vendor in Snowfall.

This area is a Lord Challenge area, intended to be done with no less than four people for the first half of the area. The items of noteworthy interest are only obtained through completion of the boss event near the very end. Ten different items, with six of them being created for particular class types in mind, have been created for the trials that await the end. Best of luck, and learn to work together to reach the end.

Prisonspace - Tundraal by ktkaronaktkarona, 15 Oct 2009 21:53

Well, it may be a surprise to some, and not to others, but originally, there was a project being done on the side underneath the original AP that is up right now. It was called Anime Planet: Vortex, and I put a lot of time into it. Sadly, it was dropped, because there was hardly any interest, it seemed. However, I did keep hold of the structure list of races that I was wanting to put in there, if they hadn't already been done by myself already.

- Hatchling
- Bronze Dragon
- Silver Dragon
- Copper Dragon
- Brass Dragon
- Gold Dragon
- Metallic Wyrm
- Prismatic Wyrm

- Sapphire Dragon
- Amethyst Dragon
- Crystal Dragon
- Emerald Dragon
- Topaz Dragon
- Gem Wyrm
- Prismatic Wyrm

- White Dragon
- Green Dragon
- Black Dragon
- Blue Dragon
- Red Dragon
- Chromatic Wyrm
- Prismatic Wyrm
- Botamon
- Koromon
- Agumon
- Greymon
- MetalGreymon
- WarGreymon
- Zurumon
- Pagumon
- DemiDevimon
- Devimon
- Myotismon
- MaloMyotismon
- Poyomon
- Tokemon
- Patamon
- Angemon
- MagnaAngemon
- Seraphimon
- Human
- Sinner
- Hellspawn

- Chosen
- Cetra

- Cyborg
- Boomer
- Angel Trainee
- Archangel
- Seraphim

- Nephilim
- Incubus -or- Succubus
- Pvt. Prinny
- Sgt. Prinny
- Cpt. Prinny
- Col. Prinny
- Gen. Prinny
- Aestivalis
- Goddess
- Megadeuce
- Orbital Frame
- Evangelion

- Guymelef
- Gundam
- Zarg
- Hardsuit
- Primal Oozaru
- Saiyan
- SSj 1
- SSj 2
- SSj 3
- SSj 4
- Elf
- Dark Elf

- Light Elf
- Automaton
- Android -or- Gynoid
- Reploid

- Maverick
- Senshi
- Super Senshi
- Divine Senshi
- Galactic Senshi
- Eternal Senshi
- Kitsune
- Tenko
- Myobu

- Koryo
- Reiko

- Ctarl-Ctarl
- Weretiger
- Toy Mog
- Moogle
- Esper
- Kodama
- Dryad
- Treant
- Brownie Sprite
- Boggart
- Goblin
- Bugbear

- Fairy
- Pixie
- Korrigan
- Cabbit
- Polymia
- Viera
- Chrysalis Beast
- Neo Spacian
- NEX Spacian
- Elemental Hero
- Eevee
- Flareon

- Jolteon

- Vaporeon

- Espeon

- Umbreon

- Leafeon

- Glaceon
- Baby Chao
- Winged Chao
- Angel Chao

- Paw Chao
- Earth Chao

- Tail Chao
- Devil Chao
I know, there is a lot to be desired of some of these, such as the elves themselves. But, this way, the entire race list isn't hugely dominated by demons. Those separated by a large chunk from a carriage return are still a part of the same evolution, just a different path from the last one. For instance: Elf can go into Light or Dark Elf. Or Human can become either Cyborg, Chosen, or Sinner.

Outdated Race Ideas by ktkaronaktkarona, 25 Sep 2009 21:49

The future is bleak, as people have to survive on loans for new organs in order to survive in the post-apocalyptic world that is Repo! The Genetic Opera. Young Shilo plays a vital role in this rock opera tale of loss, restraint, and repossession. However, the Genetic Graveyard is a piece that transcends the movie itself, actually existing outside of the world it came from. Crawling with Zydrate-active zombies, and taking place after the events of the movie, this graveyard is the neutral equivalent to Soul Society with some differences.

  1. More rooms
  2. Tombstones
  3. GQuest
  4. Repo Man!

More Rooms!
- This area is 150 rooms long. Taking that in mind, I've added quite a lot of monsters for you to kill, practically making it to where almost every room has at least one set to spawn in it. Some are empty, and there are some select individuals that you may know from the movie itself, still lurking about. However, these may or may not be killable. Beware of one in particular, but he won't wander about unless you provoke him.

- Deciding to spice it up a bit, I've added extra description epitaphs to the 64 graveyard plots that are found in the center of it all. Each of these is different from the other, so feel free to get a laugh at them. Please note that these were written without the permission of those that may be written about, but it is in the sense of humor that they were brought about. Don't get butthurt over it; it's just text.

- Differing from Soul Society even further is the inclusion of a repeatable global quest, Legal Assassin's Bane. Completion of this will give you a key item that you'll need in order to obtain a special item, which will be explained in the next point.

Repo Man
- The Legal Assassin makes an appearance. Of course, to beckon him forth, you have to do a mini-quest as well. First, collect the different body parts from the zombie denizens within the graveyards, then find the appropriate Gentern to give the item to. What item is required is referred to by the room, as well as the Gentern's specific needs. When you give them the correct item, they'll work some sort of strange ability and a spectral image of someone will appear. Defeat them for a chance to get their shade item.

Once you collect all four shade items, seek out Shilo, who won't stray too far from the area itself. Give her all four of the shade items and say repo, which she will then take as her cue to call the Repo Man out on you and hide. From there, you will fight a Repo Man, the legal assassin known for his repossession work with GeneCo. This isn't the one noted of in the movie, as it is obvious that particular one wouldn't be able to come back around. However, it is still dangerous.

You can collect two different items from the Repo Man initially, both of which drop at a low rate. From there, you can also administer the item you get from the GQuest (by giving it to him) for a chance to get a rarer drop. All three of the items shouldn't be overpowered, but at the same time, pretty good for their level or placement. The area itself is located from recall:


I hope you all enjoy the work I put into it. Next comes Tundraal Prisonspace! *dances*

~ Karona

Genetic Graveyard by ktkaronaktkarona, 23 Sep 2009 23:28

Well, I just got done with Kitsune's information, and I must say, I'm rather saddened by the information that was allowed to be used. I don't know if we should allow evolution messages to be used as part of the race information or what, and despite this, which would be a proper set up for the evolution system?

From Base to 1, you need:
Death Requirement
Tier Requirement
Level Range
Bleeding Kills
Evil Kills
Good Kills
Neutral Kills
Percent to Evolve

Does that seem about right? I mean, death and tier, as well as bleeding, are optional considering there aren't a lot of races that use them. However, it bothers me, if we're to have multiple people work on these pages, then don't we need some sort of template for these things in advance? Any ideas?

~ KT

It has been quite a while since I finished the previous update, and it's once again time to plan for it. However, I plan to do something much grander than merely adding in what I had planned on this time around. But, I figure I can give some details out, since not many people actually read this.

1. Sinners
The first thing on my list is the Sinners. They are a challenge in itself, to be sure, and this is good. However, I planned on actually doing more with them back when I had originally made them, but got distracted by everything else I had to put in. Since I don't have as much left to add to this area, I figured I'd target this as the most crucial update. I am going to add a second form to each of the Sins, making their challenge that much greater, and it is through this that Lords and Ladies will be able to claim a set of Purity equipment.

2. Programs
It came to my attention, around the time I released the second area update to Snowpoint Isle, that some of the programs I've made may not work quite as well as I'd hope. Then again, I have programmed much more difficult abilities since I initially made the games. Therefore, I am going to rehaul many of the games in the Castle. Don't worry, all of the current prizes will still be available. However, I may try to get permission to add some more.

3. Rose Equipment
So, the class-specific Rose equipment wasn't as well-received as I'd hoped they would've been. However, now that I have permission to do so, I'm going to attempt to retool some of them a bit, as well as add in another set. For one thing, I will make sure that none of the spots cover up the slot for an Aura of Divine Power or Dracula's Cape. This way, I'm sure more people will end up using the entire set, and maybe I can get a bonus added to powerup should someone wear all three pieces.

4. GQuests
Yes! This one was more recently added to my list of things to do. I'm going to change the recipe card creation, as well as the rose turn-in, to make them both automated by the code. Of course, I may probably have to keep the drop commands for some people who can't follow directions appropriately. I'll also make a break program for the maidens, so they can easily be exchanged for different roses.

And that's pretty much it! ^_^ It may not seem like a lot, but you have to realize that there are a LOT of programs to go through. :/ Despite this, I'm also working on other things at the same time, so don't expect too much from me for any of them at the start.

I know I've been neglecting to update this, and I apologize. So, without further ado, I present to you, three area updates in one. Far off in the ocean lies a solitary island, known as Snowpoint. Regardless of the season, it is constantly covered in a frigid winter setting. Analysts are led to believe it having to do with the top of the Celsius Falls, atop the Icicle Plateau. Although no one has been able to properly investigate it, due to being unable to enter it from above, or scale to it from below, rumors have been leaked by the islanders that it is where Boreas, one of the forgotten gods of the realm, has been confined.

The island is composed of three parts presently accessible: Outer Snowpoint Isle, where the dock can be found. Further north, the basin of the Celsius Falls hides an icy tunnel, which leads further into the island. Just outside the tunnel is the surroundings of Snowfall Village, where many of the islanders live. Despite the fact that it is so frosty year-round, the village gets a healthy flux of tourists that come in, and they have made a humble business prospect by opening their gates to any interested in coming. As a traveler heads through the town, they may come across the northern gate, which separates the true trouble from the rest of the island.

Inner Snowpoint Isle, which was previously blocked off to tourists due to the dangerous blizzard that was raging around it, is now explorable for villager and adventurers alike. It isn't, however, the innermost point of the island; it is merely named that, as there is no other way into it. The only access lies through going through the village, as there is a strange cloud covering that blankets the zone, preventing anyone from entering other ways. A fierce dragon, known as the slickwing drake, makes its home around this part of the island, but due to the blizzard, its own wings have chilled over, making it impossible to leave the area, let alone fly far enough to try.

Inner Snowpoint Isle, much like Snowfall Village and its surrounding area, are surrounded by a wall of rock, sealing the island in on all sides except for the southern tip, nearest the dock. It is for this reason that they have extended tourism year-round, so they can amass enough money to attempt to break the walls down and increase trade to the other islands, even the mainland. The threat of the forgotten god atop the island's highest peak steers many from trying, though.

Outer Snowpoint Isle can be reached quickly by going through the portal to the Three Towers, going all the way south, then heading west.

Snowpoint Isle by ktkaronaktkarona, 10 Sep 2009 03:16

Alright, newbies — some equipment to watch out for.


Silk's Dagger, in Ma'hazar

Object 'Silk's Dagger' is type weapon
Extra flags = multi_only noremove inventory burnproof quest.
Worn = take wield
Weight is 0
value is 5000, level is 0.
Weapon type is dagger.
Damage is 10d60 (average 305).
Weapons flags: sharp vorpal poison
Affects hit roll by 350, level 0.
Affects damage roll by 350, level 0.
Affects hp by 500, level 0.

Notes: Decent offhand, if you can't acquire a Seygram's Dagger. Also, the 5000 cost is in Quest Points. If I remember right, the damage-type is pierce (Been a while since I used one.)

Seygram's Dagger - random % drop from Seygram (teleporting mobile, that attacks level 200 or above. My suggestion: wait to fight him, until you're at least 5th tier.)

Object 'Seygram's Dagger' is type weapon
Extra flags = noremove burnproof.
Worn = take wield
Weight is 0
value is 0, level is 0.
Weapon type is dagger.
Damage is 30d30 (average 465).
Weapons flags: flaming frost vampiric sharp vorpal poison energy
Affects damage roll by 500, level 0.
Affects hit roll by 250, level 0.
Affects power by 2000, level 0.
Affects hp by 2000, level 0.

Notes: Not only the best dagger available, one of the best weapons - period. Laser damage-type, nice stats across the board. Prices tend to range from 6000 - 9000 Quest Points.

Swords: Hey, who (non-caster) doesn't like swords?

Alucard's Sword: Rare drop from the mobile, Dracula.

Object 'Alucard's Sword' is type weapon
Extra flags = noremove burnproof quest.
Worn = take wield
Weight is 5
value is 5000, level is 1.
Weapon type is sword.
Damage is 28d28 (average 406).
Weapons flags: flaming vampiric sharp poison energy
Affects none by 0, level 1.
Adds resistance to disease.
Affects none by 0, level 1.
Adds resistance to negative.
Affects strength by 5, level 1.
Affects hit roll by 100, level 1.
Affects damage roll by 100, level 1.
Affects power by 400, level 1.
Affects hp by 800, level 1.

Notes: Tied for second-best non-laser damage sword. Low level, reasonable statistics … why not get one?

Goury's Legendary Sword: % drop, from Gourry in Seyruun Palace

Object 'Gourry's Legendary Sword' is type weapon
Extra flags = noremove burnproof.
Worn = take wield
Weight is 0
value is 0, level is 0.
Weapon type is sword.
Damage is 27d27 (average 378).
Weapons flags: vampiric sharp vorpal energy
Affects hp by 1000, level 0.
Affects power by 500, level 0.
Affects hit roll by 75, level 0.
Affects damage roll by 150, level 0.

Notes: The other contender for 2nd best non-laser sword. Slightly better damroll, hp. Slightly less base damage, and hitroll. No resistances, tho.

Erinyes Sword: Random drop from Erinyes (Scary-arsed teleport-mob, that takes out parties of Avatars)

Object '[X]Erinyes Sword' is type weapon
Extra flags = noremove no_locate burnproof.
Worn = take wield
Weight is 0
value is 0, level is 0.
Weapon type is sword.
Damage is 32d32 (average 528).
Weapons flags: flaming sharp vorpal shocking poison
Affects hp by 2000, level 0.
Affects power by 1500, level 0.
Affects hit roll by 250, level 0.
Affects damage roll by 250, level 0.
Affects none by 0, level 0.
Adds resistance to magic.
Affects none by 0, level 0.
Adds resistance to negative.

Note: Hands down, THE #1 non-laser sword. Fun boosts, reasonable resists, and NICE damage. Too bad, it's slash damtype ;)

…. Next, I'll look at some other weapon types. Just got to track a few down :)

Weapons to acquire by Sigil_FaneSigil_Fane, 09 Sep 2009 00:13

Further suspicious acts begin happening all around Anime Planet, which throws the adventurers into curious states. With odd illusions taking place in the most isolated of locations, and new regions appearing overnight, the world is slowly changing into something different. Along with the death of a notable businessman, chaos is soon to follow. The only question is: what is causing all of this, and can it be stopped?

I enjoyed writing the rest of this. At first, it was at a standstill, but I found my muse once again. I am trying to build it up a bit more, covering some of the loose ends that would be left open otherwise. This way, Kabuki Town is actually set up to be properly correct compared to the in-game area. Also, there is more to come about what happened to Maria, which will be explained in the third chapter.

The birds chirped calmly as a group of young adventurers trekked through the forest. A young magician by the name of Maria was admiring the view as her partner in their current journey, a determined warrior named Morris, simply kept his gaze set forward, towards their destination.

“Is it really that important to show me this now?” Maria asked, a bit bothered. The markets were open, meaning now was the best time to make deals with the other adventurers on the simplest of items. “There's a pair of earrings being sold later and I don't want to miss it.”

“Your jewelry can wait.” Morris said sternly. He was looking forward to the same deal, but he wanted to show her something that was a bit more important. “You know of the recent problems throughout the realm right now, right?”

“Who doesn't? Even those just starting out become aware of the situation rather fast. Why?”

“Do you think this is another problem?” Morris pushed aside a bush, showing a strange rip in the scene. A large gash started a few inches from the ground and rose to their height, widening around the middle and showing a dark background with stars shining through. “I was on my way to Soul Society, and found this by taking a wrong turn.”

Maria stepped closer to investigate, but Morris held onto her right shoulder. “I'll be fine. This is neat, though.” She stepped even closer to it, looking at it from all sides. Morris felt a bit uneasy with her being so close, but figured she'd be the first person who would know of such things.

“Well, what is it?” he fidgeted as he watched around for any unnatural creatures to appear. Maria had taken out a pad of paper and a pencil from her pockets, sliding her glasses down from the top of her head to the tip of her nose. Groaning, he stood watch around the area as she continued to look it over.

She picked up a small clump of dirt and tossed it towards the rip, expecting a reaction. The dirt passed through the rip and fell to the ground on the other side of the clearing, undisturbed by what it should've passed through. “Morris… do you have a spare weapon?” She hadn't expected such a find, but was a bit confused by it. Morris removed a decorated dagger from his waist and handed it to her. “Thanks.”

“Try not to lose it, please.” Of course, he had said it a bit too late, as she tossed the dagger quickly towards the rip. Once again, the item passed through it with no delay, digging into a tree found behind it. Morris turned his head to see the dagger shaking in its spot, his jaw dropping. “What was that for?!”

“Hmm? Oh, just trying to see if this thing is even real.” Maria rummaged through her pockets, taking a wand out. She threw it at the rip, only to have it pass through as well. Taking a chance, she decided to try and walk through it, planning on collecting the items. There seemed to be no connection to what it was, making it seem more like an illusion. As her forehead came in contact with the illusion, however, she was blinded by a flash of white, followed by losing conscious. The last thing she remembered hearing was Morris shouting to see if she could hear him.
Within Kabuki Town, known for its dreary atmosphere and rainy weather, a shadow skulks about. The Persona Century Corporation's main building can be seen in the distance, the neon lights coming off the sign poorly shining down upon the town just outside of its boundaries. Following the darkness and avoiding the guards, the shadow successfully breaks into the building through a window in a storage closet.

“I'm in.” The shadow says, a wisp of feminine air about it. “Executing next part of the plan.”

“Agent, watch your back,” responded a voice from the ear piece. The shadow searched around and pulled the cord on a light overhead, illuminating the small closet. Quickly, the shadow lifted up its hood, revealing a female with long, brown hair. She unlatched the raincoat she was wearing, revealing a dark blue body suit that slimmed down and adhered to her body's every curve. She removed her gun from its holster along the right side of her waist and placed her back against the wall near the door. Taking in a deep breath, she opened the door and quickly poised herself just outside, getting a glance of the building's interior.

She saw two guards protecting a door to her left, while cameras cycled back and forth near it. Leaning out, she held down a button on her gun before pulling the trigger, firing an electro-magnetic pulse at the cameras without causing any noise. With the cameras taken care of, she aimed at the furthest guard's leg and shot, the bullet merely clipping the back of his calf. Distracting both of the guards with the pain, she rushed forth and quickly knocked them both out. She took out a small medical pad and covered the area she pierced before bracing herself against the door.

“I know you're there. Come in.” A voice from within the room spoke to her. Deciding to take the invitation, the female agent opened the door slowly and held her gun up, ready to take action. Within the office, an older gentleman sat at a desk, the entire office properly kept up with business folders lining the bookcases. The gentleman didn't seem phased by her presence, or the weapon she had readied. “May I help you, young lady?”

“President, you're no longer needed. We've successfully taken control of all your assets. All that's left is to dispose of the evidence.” She moved closer, aiming the gun at his head. “I'm not a lady, either.” She pulled the trigger, sending the bullet digging deep into his skull. As the bullet followed through, it pierced the other side of his skull and quickly flew into a nearby bookcase. Breaking the lock on his desk, she pulled out some folders and jumped out of the window, leaving the scene as it was.
“This is a Realm News bulletin. The president of Persona Century Corp., known for its extensive attempts at trying to control most of the realm, was found dead in his office last night. No other deaths were reported, but the heirs to the company, Tamika and Guren, the president's children, assure us that this will not change what they stand for. In other news…”

“Odd things are happening around here lately,” Karona said, sitting at the Space Chaser Bar to watch the news. He took a sip from his glass of orange juice as he continued to talk to himself, “Ever since that bug appeared on the news feed, it's been one occurrence after another.”

“Is this seat taken?” A young woman asked, taking the seat in front of him at the table. He shrugged, taking another sip. “Did you know Maria was taken to the infirmary of Section 9 earlier?” She seemed concerned about the girl's health. “Do you think it's serious?”

“With everything that's been going on, I wouldn't doubt it. So, what brings you here, Fairanko?”

“Well, I've been a bit uneasy. They still haven't deciphered what was shown a few days back, and no one's been able to get in contact with the Immortals since. Don't you think that's suspicious?”

“What isn't suspicious nowadays? Rips opening up all over, strange locations being added like they were always there… It's enough to incite panic in normal people around here.”

“I guess… I just want to be assured that nothing bad is fixing to happen.” She sighed, leaning on the table with her elbows. “I remember when we didn't have this sort of stuff to worry about.”

“Whatever's happening, we'll probably be thrown into it in the end. Mark my words.” Karona got up, leaving his glass of orange juice. “I'm off to go check on Maria. You want to come?”

“I would, but there's a meeting I have to attend to.”

“Suit yourself, then.” Karona shrugged, walking out of the bar. There was still people whispering about the weird things going on as he walked the streets, heading out of the city to the security facility known as Section 9. It wasn't meant to be a secret area, but the actions that were carried on within it were. Staged as a medical facility, only those trusted by the officials up top were let in to the further recesses.

Coming to the entrance, Karona quickly felt the presence of something. He wasn't quite sure, so he took his mace, the Crushing Star, in both of his hands. Looking around, he couldn't see anyone other than the woodland creatures that scurried among the canopy of the forest. Not letting his guard down, he walked up to the door and pressed the button, signaling his desire to enter.

A short while past with no response. The door remained closed, and he was starting to get curious. He pressed the button again, holding it longer. There was still no response from within.

“I don't like to looks of this,” he muttered. With someone still watching him closely, and the fact that the guards weren't responding to the door signal, there was something more going on within the walls of Section 9 than there should be.

An achievement system based around the numerous examples found throughout the gaming world today, this system will rely on specific possible accomplishments within the realm, and allow you certain bragging rights, as well as additional benefits that will be mentioned later on. However, let us start on the basics.

1. The Accomplish System's Introduction -INT-
The Accomplish System is my attempt to answer the obvious lack of end-game activities, once a character reaches the maximum level on the final tier with not much left threatening them except for a select monster or so, or possibly the challenges of other players. This will allow for more things to be done by numerous people, not just those sitting at the top. With many different categories to cover, it offers new challenges to new players and old players alike, or at least I hope it will.

The idea behind the system is to fill it with numerous possible challenges that the character must meet. Once a challenge is met, both the player and those on at the time will be alerted to the accomplishment, in a similar way to how the story quests are completed. Challenges will be known in name and a minor title when they haven't been completed, but once they have, they will show a more complete title. In the case of certain accomplishments which may have other prerequisites, or are just intended for those that try everything, their name and/or title will be hidden until completing them.

The way it is intended at the moment is dividing numerous accomplishments into 100 different slots. This way, there is a set amount of % someone can be close to finishing their sheet. Of course, due to the differences in the classes we offer, and how some people may rather enjoy playing one class to another, this has to be brought to mind when deciding what to allow and what not to allow for accomplishments.

Such things as “Reaching the height of the Cleric class” would be rather pointless to those who are working on a different class, such as Jedi. However, replacing it with a vague title such as “Reach the height of your class” would actually work a bit better. In this instance, it would rely on a special check that would see if you've evolved into the seventh tier of any specific class.

I hope I've shed some light into my idea for this system. But, let's go further into the system, to try and understand what sort of goals may come up, or be in mind, when making it.

2. The Many Accomplishments -ACC-
For having a hundred different goals to start with, the accomplishment system would certainly require many checks for the numerous possibilities you could unlock. At least, that's what I'd like to imagine would be the only requirement. Certainly, it would require much more than that, sadly. But, I'll get to that later. For now, I will try to suggest some goals that may come with the system.

“Completed Chapter 1”
- This would refer to the story quest that is already known throughout the MUD for those starting it out as a beginner. Chapter One would actually start after that, after the initial quest, “For Newb The Bell Tolls” is completed, when the actual story starts to open up. After finishing up the final part of the chapter, it would record this regardless on the character, and would also fulfill the requirement to unlock the accomplishment.

“Fledgling Adventurer”
- This would count on the number of quests you have completed, and actually unlock once you've completed your first ten quests. This would be a series of accomplishments that would save regardless of the tier, as long as you don't delete anyway. Carrying over the accomplishment would be one thing; it wouldn't save the number of quests you've completed overall.

“Reliever of Childhood Memories”
- A challenge accomplishment for those that like trying their best against the toughest creatures that may be prowling around. For instance, this specific goal would have you take on the possessed Teddy Ruxpin Doll that dwells within the attic of the Haunted Mansion in Halloween Town. Sadly, Dr. Finklestein won't be pleased you crushed his memories of youth, but you'd at least have something to remember for yourself.

“Artistic Assembler”
- This is a simple accomplishment that would merely check to see if you have made either: one of the artifacts (first or second generation), the Cosmic Cube, or one of the class items from the Rose Castle. Clearly, this would probably have a possible loophole, so proper precautions may have to be put in place: possibly only granting the accomplishment if they properly assemble the last piece through the correct mobile.

Those're examples of what I'd expect to be following along with this system. Of course, that doesn't mean they would actually be used within it, but it'd at least give some guidelines for further ideas. Next, we head on to the system specifications.

3. The Sleek Design of the Accomplish System -DES-
The Accomplish System would have two different design interfaces. The first would be what a specific player would use to check it out for themselves. Using <accomplish> by itself would bring up a prompt with numerous other syntaxes, similar to how other commands lead to other options (i.e.: QUEST). The first command that would come up would be accomplish sheet.

<accomplish sheet> - This is where the magic happens to those that are determined to try and fill it up as much as possible. This command will prompt up a sheet to come up, similar to the score sheet, but it will be covered with 100 different little squares. I will try to follow up with an example right now:


In this example, you see the accomplishment goals 00 through 09. Of course, these would have applied color to them, so those that you haven't accomplished would be in a dark cyan color, and those that have been accomplished would be in a light cyan. This sheet would go and show all one hundred possible accomplishments, and may be catered to add more later on. At the bottom of the sheet, it would say your progress towards completing the sheet.

<accomplish info ##> - Filling in the voids with any combination of digits, which may have to be changed if more are added afterwards that take us to the triple digits, will bring up the name and title of the achievement. An example may be:

01: Completed Chapter One
- You successfully completed the first chapter of the MUD's main story.

Of course, that is a simple description. Some goals, before actually accomplishing them, may try their best to describe what is required for you to do, without actually giving it away. This way, they're challenging before and during the attempts to fulfill the requirements. Of course, at the moment, these're the only two commands that I can think of that would be required, or actually needed, and anything would or could be added to make it seem more competitive between other players.

4. The Required Blueprints -REQ-
Of course, I write all of this knowing that there would be many fields that would have to be covered before this could even go in. The idea behind all of this is fine, but the work that would have to go in would probably take a lot more time than I'm sure any coder, or group of coders, would be interested in working on.

For instance, I know for starters that numerous checks would have to go in for even the tiniest of things. This may not be so bad, such as monitoring the quests and giving a specific achievement based around the same check design that HIT carries, but when it comes to assembling items, or other tidbit goals, it would probably be a bit exhausting for the coders to cover every base for these things.

Also, this would require quite a bit of information to be pinned on to the character files we have presently. This may not seem like much to you, but they'd have to go in and actually fill in a spot for everything presented, or suggested, and put in numerous differences in whether or not the character has fulfilled it or not. This along with the actual commands and the information stored for those commands may make them go a bit cuckoo, but I'm sure their work would be greatly appreciated and well worth it if the general population of the realm was interested in something like this, a while down the road when other projects are out of the way.

~ KT

Accomplishment System by ktkaronaktkarona, 28 Apr 2009 15:26

[ 64] Alpha: New Area: Garden of Light
Wed Mar 25 19:37:56 2009
To: all
Yes folks another new area(not mine mind you, but i did work on it a bit) from Kyuubimon/Ryoohki/Nina comes the Garden of Light, a 300+ > Lord range level area.

Also of note there is a collectable item in the area, Lights Power, and its about as good as the Triforce and will take a bit to gather.

This is how it goes, 10 piece = 1 shard, 10 shard = 1 fragment, 5 fragment = 1 artifact, 2 different artifacts + 30 ppoints and epoints = Lights power, ya got that? Good!

PS the directions to it are as follows, from recall it's s2u2n4us.

Apparently, it is based off of an anime called "Pretty Cure Max Heart". As noted in the change, the directions to get to the area are south, up, up, north, north, up, up, up, up, and south from recall.

~ K

Garden of Light by ktkaronaktkarona, 26 Mar 2009 01:49

The following things have been updated with Rose Castle, as well as added:

  • Odds for two items, one on the SimDrive and one for HiMeLo, have been increased.
  • Five alchemists and three librarians have been placed in the castle.
  • At least 45 new items added to the rumble. 27 of them belong to the class equipment previously made, only now they're accessible through assembling them with the alchemists' help. 9 of them are the recipes, which tell you what's needed, and another 9 are the items from the alchemist that you use elsewhere.
  • The last of the rooms were added, making the entire area range 200 rooms long.

That's about it. Gave use to some of the previous junk equipment to get the class equipment, so have fun.

Rose Castle Update (v1.04) by ktkaronaktkarona, 24 Mar 2009 00:55

To those that have taken a part in the beginner quest [For Newb the Bell Tolls], there was a hint of something more happening in the shadows. Well, this is what happens leading up to that.

Chapter One: The Omen by ktkaronaktkarona, 19 Mar 2009 03:12

Anime Planet; a realm of the unimaginable, resting at the mouth of the Void itself. Lost souls wander into the realm seeking power, friendship, or much more, finding that the realm easily suits their needs in one way or another. For years, it has gone unnoticed to the other worlds due to its coexistence with the Void, but that is to change soon enough.

Hidden beneath the visible surface lies a power untapped, untouched by the mortals that live above. The ones with power, known as the Immortals, know of its existence, but stays away from using the raw potential, for they do not know what its side effects may be to the surface world. For the better of the realm, they decide to seal the power source, uniting their own abilities to block it from being accessed.

Through the years that the realm has been in existence, however, they have gained and lost quite a few of their standing Immortals, strengthening and then weakening the barrier that surrounds the power. As a side effect of this, many strange occurrences have been happening, causing quite a commotion for mortal and immortal alike. With the barrier weakening as the years go by, it is only a matter of time before it is noticed by the darkness of the mortal heart and taken advantage of.
Within the limitless space of Limbo, the Immortals convene to discuss a serious matter. Standing within the ranks is Alpha, the robotic Immortal in charge of Global Development; Etrigan, a demonic puppet master that helps develop Mortal Choice; Gideon, a normal-looking Global Operator; and Mazer, the scruffy-looking man in charge of the Immortals.

“We've had many mortals complain about items disappearing,” Gideon speaks up. In his hands, he holds a list of mortals pertaining to the issues that will be addressed. “Furthermore, none of the items seem to be similar to one another.”

“Are they from the same region?” Alpha asks in a monotonous tone.

“No. That is what makes the problem seem even more serious. Furthermore, the same item doesn't disappear from different people. It's more like… they're being stolen from the people rather than the item itself is just vanishing.”

“That's impossible. I've placed a law over stealing. The realm recognizes that it won't allow items to be stolen.” Etrigan responds, a bit defensive. He had made sure to run numerous tests over the law before spreading it worldwide. Gideon shrugs, putting one list down before reading from another.

“It seems that both the city of Xenogaeus and the Astral Plane have become affected by an illusion.”

“I've tried straightening up both of them, but they just go back to how they were within a minute.” Alpha adjusts his chest plate before adding, “It's beginning to spread to the wilderness outside of the city too. Both Haon'dor and Miden'nir have become a nightmare for those venturing outside of the city.”

“Just what is going on?” Mazer mutters to himself, staring off into the darkness of Limbo. “Etrigan, head back into Shell and see if there is a loop being run on the areas. Gideon, see if there was any connection between the mortals and where they were when they noticed it was stolen. Alpha, try to figure another way to straighten the areas up, or at least seal off the spread.”

Acknowledging their separate commands, they disappear from Limbo to begin their tasks. Mazer continues to stare off, wondering what could be happening to the realm. Nothing comes to mind as he stays around for a while longer before disappearing off to help Etrigan.

Mazer appears at the entrance to Shell, a large, mechanical nautilus shell that is detached from the rest of the realm. As he walks to the access console to enter, he sees that his login was partially entered already. His ID had been entered, and it was currently asking him for his password. Looking around the foggy emptiness that surrounded the area, he wondered who was trying to get in.

“Etrigan?” he tried to hail him through telepathy.

“Yeah, boss?”

“Is there anyone else in Shell?”

It took a minute for Etrigan to run a scan of the interior. “Nope. Why?”

“Nevermind.” Mazer scanned around him once more before entering his information in to enter. Within the first room, he brought up another console to change his access information before doing anything more, not wanting to take any chances.
Meanwhile, on the surface of the realm, mortals travel to and fro, using Xenogaeus as their middle point. Adventurers, mercenaries, and travelers appear frequently at the Temple of Anime, an ancient building that had existed since the realm's appearance many years ago. Although many of the shopkeepers that dwelt within the city had been replaced time after time, the city still retained its rustic charm.

On watch at the Temple of Anime currently was Guy Remortum, an apprentice medium for the Immortals. He was helping members of Death Squad prune out useless information on the info screens seen throughout the realm, using the access panel given to Guy. With the recent purge of a virus in the Moogle Village, all of the Mognet carriers had been to afraid of contamination, stalling the delivery of vital news from the Immortals.

“That should be the last of it,” Guy said. He had just finished disposing of the last spam note that kept appearing on the screens in-between the more important information. “You'd think some of these people would grow up.”

“It's all in good fun, though. Lighten up,” said one of the Death Squad guards. Having done what was needed, they excused themselves to get back to guarding the headquarters. Guy stretched his body, a deck of cue cards falling out of his pocket. Realizing his blunder, he bent down to pick them up. A few mortals noticed what had happened and helped him pick up a few that were farther away.

“Thanks,” he smiled at the kind adventurers.

“You're welcome. Any word on the condition with the city yet?” one of the mortals asked, worried. “Some of the items that have been lost from the treasury has been turning up there more often than anywhere else, and we can't get to some places.”

“Cobra Base can only be accessed by the mages, and they certainly don't want to help a poor warrior like me out when I need to get there,” whimpered another.

“I haven't received any word yet, but I'm sure they're working as hard as they can to get these things fixed. Have faith in them. They've worked hard for this long, so they're bound to figure this out as well.”

“Yeah, well… just keep us updated, ok?” A bit frustrated, the group of mortals walk off towards the center of the city. Guy wipes a bead of sweat off of his brow and sighs, having avoided another confrontation with the mortals once again.

“They definitely picked the wrong guy for this job,” he thought to himself as he grimaced at the memory of the previous disturbance he was faced with. Taking out an antacid to quell the heartburn that was rising, he sat down to continue reading a risqué book he had ordered from Paradise.

“Hey, what's going on?” Mortals around Guy began to whisper and murmur at what they were reading on the info screens. Guy wondered what was going on, putting his book down. On the main screen was an oddly designed notice with jumbled letters. He looked down at the keyboard, seeing nothing out of the ordinary, but the notice continued adding more text to itself, as if it was live.

“Uh oh.” Guy sat up, concentrating on trying to hail the Immortals. Something out of the ordinary was going on, and he didn't have an answer for it on any of his cue cards.

Chapter One: The Omen by ktkaronaktkarona, 14 Mar 2009 20:42
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