Class Type: Magic
Class Specialty: Destructive Magic
Primary Attribute: Power
Secondary Attribute: Mana
Previous Tier: Warlock
Next Tier: Fate Spinner

An Enchanter is a rather refined sorcerer who specializes in the arts of energy
manipulation and magical artifice. A skilled Enchanter can not only destroy their
foes with a plethora of sorcerous attacks, but can use more subtle means of combat, such
as command and deception-related spells. Like more of their cohorts in the higher ranks
of Arcanism, an Enchanter makes one hell of ally, or quite a dangerous enemy…

Enchanter Skills
Level Skill
1: dagger polearm grimoire orb
scythe scribe whittle engrave
brew scrolls staves wands
5: quickcast rub
9: meditation
15: school leyline archaic protective
20: untangle
25: phase
63: second attack
84: third attack
140: thaumaturgy
Enchanter Spells
Level Spell
1: magic missle ventriloquate
4: farsight
5: cause light
7: floating disc
9: invisibility
11: continual light
12: faerie fire
13: armor burning hands
15: create water
16: refresh
17: locate object
18: infravision recharge
19: create food fly
20: cause serious shocking grasp sleep
21: weaken
22: detect evil
23: detect good
24: blindness detect hidden know alignment teleport
25: detect invisible temper lightning bolt transport
26: detect magic
27: detect poison
28: create spring faerie fog
30: fireproof iceshield identify
31: enchant armor
32: colour spray create rose enchant weapon
34: flamestrike gate
40: charm person shield
41: giant strength
42: haste
43: harm mass invis
44: fireball
45: cause critical slow
47: fling
48: dispel magic pass door summon
50: detect trap fireshield supersonic
51: cancellation
52: sanctuary
55: acid blast
60: shockshield thundershock
63: word of recall
66: frenzy
67: frost breath
70: portal
74: lightning breath
75: protection magic chain lightning
76: demonfire
77: gas breath
79: nexus
80: fire breath
85: conjure
100: manashield luminaire murderous mist replicate
110: cyclone warp
150: aurora
180: kamikaze
190: blaze
195: arcana bullet black hole
215: dark matter
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