Class Type: Magic
Class Specialty: Protective and Healing magic
Primary Attribute: Power
Secondary Attribute: Mana
Next Tier: Priest

Clerics are the most defensively orientated of all the classes. Most of their
spells focus on healing or defending the faithful, with their few combat spells
being far less powerful than those of Mages. However, Clerics are the best class by
far at healing magic, and they possess an impressive area of protective magic, as well
as fair combat prowess with the few spells they do have. The downside to their magical
abilities is that if they take a direct hit, the odds are that the cleric will most
likely die.

Cleric Skills
Level Skill
1: dagger flail mace grimoire
fetish scrolls scythe staves
2: scribe whittle engrave brew
5: quickcast rub
9: meditation
13: fast healing
20: untangle
29: stake stun
36: second attack
50: phase
Cleric Spells
Level Spell
2: cause light
4: cure light
5: create water faerie fire
8: continual light farsight
9: refresh
10: create food soul blade
11: cure blindness detect magic
13: bless
14: cure serious detect poison
16: detect invis
17: know alignment
18: protection evil protection good protection neutral
19: floating disc
21: create rose
22: detect evil detect good detect hidden
23: summon
24: temper
25: cure critical
26: cure disease infravision
27: gheal
28: cure poison
30: dispel evil dispel neutral dispel good
fireproof iceshield locate object
32: calm heal identify
33: frenzy
34: create spring gate
35: remove curse
36: fly
37: invisibility
39: sanctuary
40: flamestrike shockshield slow
41: faerie fog
42: giant strength
44: teleport
46: lightning bolt transport
48: dispel magic
49: mass invis
50: detect trap selenas touch
51: cancellation
52: holy aura
53: time warp
54: haste
56: word of recall
59: portal
60: fireshield
62: deflection
63: pass door recharge
65: silence
69: nexus ray of truth
70: shield stone skin
71: holy word
75: mass healing
80: voodoo
89: fireball
90: enchant armor enchant weapon Thundershock
100: vox
110: healing touch
135: cyclone
150: warp
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