Class Type: Melee
Class Specialty: Weapons Mastery
Primary Attribute: Health
Secondary Attribute: Health
Previous Tier: Specialist
Next Tier: Terminator

A Champion is one who is recognized as having risen above and beyond. One whose strength
has reached such a magnitude of power that most can't even comprehend it. And for those
who stand in awe and observe that power, it doesn't really matter. They just point and
say, "He is STRONG!" But for that Champion, it does matter. And the hunt to further
their strength is unending. Anyone can pick up a sword and swing it. Only a Champion can
turn combat into the intricate warfare it truly is.

Champion Skills
Level Skill
1: axe dagger flail mace
polearm sword whip swap
hand to hand hide peek scrolls
5: bash dirt kicking rub rescue
trip counter
6: sneak
8: kick
9: lore fast healing
10: shield block spirit enhanced damage stance
berserker battle guardian
11: knee
18: disarm awareness second attack
19: parry
20: untangle
21: elbow doorbash
25: settrap pdart
27: berserk
29: charge
30: whirlwind critical strike
35: dual wield
37: btrap
39: sharpen
40: dropkick
45: third attack warcry
50: stun
52: gouge
55: evade
57: disable
68: snare
70: dodge intimidate
75: sap fourth attack
79: fade
99: grip
100: fifth attack
150: offhand neckthrust sixth attack
225: crosscut
250: sonic boom
Champion Spells
Level Spell
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